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       DXFFEM enables FEM-Simulations in

           2D-CAD-System using DXF-Layers

     * The complete FEM-Simulation is calculated in the 2D CAD system

     *  with a very easy FEM input only using DXF-Layers and CAD-Polylines

     * FEM calculations with 2D Planes, 2D Plates and 2D Plane Axsymmetric

     * for mechanical designers as well as civil engineers or architects

     * mesh generation with the very precise retangular QUAD elements 

     * many DXF layers for FEM mesh, deformations, stresses, reaction forces

     * no additional efforts, no data transfers and no costs for an external fem programm

     * all FEM datas are in the CAD Project in one DWG / DXF file 

     * no pixel images, all FEM datas can be printed out on the CAD vector printer

Input of the FEM model with the DXF Layers MESH, BC, LOADS and MATER

FEM-Results with the DXF-Layers FEMNETZ, EDGES, STRESS, BC and LOADS

2D Plane Stress calculation of a wrench with BricsCAD

2D Plate Bending Analysis of a Float Glass with the Minimum Principal Stresses S3

Demo-Version for 14 days

1 License DXFFEM for 199 €  - Runtime 1 Year
1 License DXFFEM for 680 €  - Runtime 6 Years

DXFFEM was tested with the following 2D/3D-CAD-Systemen: